Thursday, November 23, 2006

Simple Thanks


Its been almost two months since I’ve written here – and I have no idea whether anyone will read these words.  But I have always written in this Journal what my heart directs me to say.  Whether it is read or not is secondary, but I do hope that at least a few will see.


When I began this Journal, I had no expectations or plans for it.  It was a way to record events in my life that I wished to remember – special places, people and events that touched my life and that I wanted to retain.  But in ways that still amaze and impress me, others found me and read my words – some anonymously but, to my amazement and gratitude, several who took the time to leave a kind word or a note of encouragement.


And that’s the subject of this entry – in keeping with the day and in prelude to my favorite time of the year:  Simple Thanks.


There are those who have read and commented here who live in places where today is but another Thursday in a long line of Thursdays, but it matters not whether you celebrate Thanksgiving today or not.  Because Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is really just a codified time to allow us to stop and reflect, to remember the things and the blessings and the people in our lives who have touched us in a positive way – regardless of whether it was within the hour or decades ago.


Soto those of you I truly know – thank you.  For those of you who have shared a thought or expressed a kindness – thank you.  For those who may read but leave no footprints behind – thank you.  You have all made this experience far richer for me than I could have dreamed, and for each and every one of you I am grateful.


And whether this is a holiday of note or just another Thursday to you, my wish is the same:  may you share and appreciate time with those you hold dear, may you remember those who have gone before, may your smiles be many and may happiness fill your heart.  Thank you.