Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Warmth of a Winter Sun




For the past several days, its been grey and cold.  Every time the driveway has been cleared of snow, a new batch has arrived, and the roadways have – at times – been less than welcoming.


But late last night, as the last of the snow fell silently to the ground, the clouds began to part – and a brilliant patch of moonlight bathed the blanket of white with a radiance so pure as to bring tears to one’s eyes.  The silence of winter made the moment even more captivating.  For a moment, the world had stopped - frozen in time – pristine and beautiful and unspoiled.


With the dawn came blue sky and bright sunshine, casting shadows and highlighting the tracks of animals large and small, marking their journeys through and around the property, feet and sometimes only inches from the door.


On days like this, the soul is easy, the heart is full, the eye is delighted – and all the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations seems easier and brighter and so much more purposeful.  It’s a day when smiles come easily and people – no matter how rushed – take the time to share one with friends and strangers alike.


Many have chosen to flee this climate, seeking warmth and sun year-round – where 50 feels cold and a passing cloud makes the evening news.  There is much to be said for such predictability – and during times when its hard to remember what the tips of the fingers actually feel like, such locations do sometimes sing the enticing song of the Sirens – but there is also nothing there to compare with a day such as this.  No Caribbean sky is as blue as that which contrasts with new-fallen snow.  No palm tree is as graceful as the fir which sheds its coat of white as the sun warms its branches.  No beach can provide the same tingle to the skin as the bracing nature of frigid air combined with the warmth of a winter sun.


It's a day that makes one feel alive and vital – happy and grateful to know such a day.  It’s a day that makes one feel warm from the inside out - which is always the best way to be warm.


bedazzzled1 said...

You have captured the magic of snow with your description. And it thrilled my senses to read your words. Bravo! (And I love that wreath hanging from your deck to announce the Christmas season.)

zosche973 said...

I'm new to reading your journal, you have to give me time to catch up! but what I've read so far, I like. In this entry you have captured exactly how I felt walking my dog today. Thanx for sharing.....~Diane~

inafrnz247 said...

"...makes one feel warm from the inside out - which is always the best way to be warm."


inafrnz247 said...

"Barenaked for the holidays?!?"  ~ too funny!!