Friday, June 9, 2006

Life from life



Last fall I wrote here of the loss of a different kind of friend – the tree outside my bedroom window that always helped me greet each new day.  She is now split and stacked and protected from the elements under the deck, seasoning so that she can warm me one final time this coming season.


In her place last fall, I planted a new tree – small and spindly by comparison to be sure, but a reminder of she who once stood so proudly and a reminder that life goes on despite loss.  I rushed against the changing seasons to prepare the site, chose her carefully and planted her straight and tall in the sloping ground.  I fed her roots to help them unfurl and grasp her new home firmly, provided a stake to which she was lovingly secured to fortify her against the January winds and driving snow – and then watched anxiously during days of bitter cold and howling wind in hopes I’d done enough to help her start her new life safely.


As the days grew longer and the temperatures more mild, I checked every day for signs of life – gauging what I’d been told of her growth patterns against those of other trees in the yard.  And then one day, in the soft glimmer of a cool morning sun, I saw an unmistakable bud and – the closer I looked – more and more of them.  In the unseasonably warm Spring, the buds grew quickly – filling every branch with burgeoning life that grew larger and stronger with each day.





One morning, the air was filled with a rich, sweet fragrance.  Fuchsia blossoms that had delicately sprung forth overnight quivered in the breeze - and a bumble bee already busied himself, drawing sweet nectar from the tiny trumpets even as they began to open.  Birds chirped in approval nearby – perhaps planning a few years down the road when these same branches would be strong and sheltering enough to protect the births and first tentative flights of their great-grandchildren.




Now the blossoms are gone – replaced by shining, healthy leaves that reach eagerly toward the sky, seeking the nourishment of the sun and capturing the gentle rain for her roots to drink.  I visit her almost daily, both to ensure that she is appropriately nourished and to proudly watch her grow.


On the roadway behind the house and down the hill, the hustle and bustle of life and commerce continues - unabated and uninterested by this quiet microcosm of all that is good and right and full of light and new life – and all too soon it comes time to go back inside and deal with the issues of the day.  But each morning from now on, the space once occupied by my beloved friend will not seem quite so empty anymore, for she who now stands in her place will draw strength from the same soil and carry on her legacy - and the world will seem a little brighter place as a result.


xomywayox said...

She is beautiful, I hope that she brings you as much pleasure as the one before. Does she have a name?


mutualaide said...

Lovely photos of your new friend.  May you grow old together and maintain health and happiness along the way!  Nicely written, my friend.

inafrnz247 said...

Beautifully told and she is indeed strikingly lovely... may she bring you much peace and tranquility as she grows in your heart.   Michelle

my78novata said...

I love having trees and lots of them. My yard is so shaded we hardly get any sun. my nieghbors love tocome sit in my yard. or use my shade. I keep saying plant fast growing trees yet again I see others cuttingthiers back so severly they die or totally cutting them downthen they all come to my yard as they walk by they say we feel 20 degrees cooler here and I say yeah........ I have been working for years growing trees!!!!!!!!  you hsould plant some fast growers and a few that you like that may be slower. but for 20 + years they do not listen and wonder why my home is priced above thiers inthe market!!!!!!!! They do not realize that trees are thier friends!!!!!!!! protects thier home and keeps it cool lets sun in the winter to warm it up faster and so much more.

bedazzzled1 said...

She GREW! I just knew she would. How could she not with you tending to her? ::big smile::

kaydeejay5449 said...

It is sad when you have to take down an old tree.  We are facing losing 3, 2 Liquid Ambers and a Birch.  Our home is sitting on solid granite and their root systems are crawling on top of the ground tearing up our concrete walks.  We will have an expert come out and see if we can do something to save both the trees and the concrete.    Kathy

bedazzzled1 said...

I came back in here, because this place is comforting. Warmth radiates from every word you write and each beautiful photograph you have taken and posted.

Yes, this is a nice place to be.


lou2691 said...

Wow, your writing is most beautiful, and the photos wonderful!  And to top it off, you were playing a tune by my most favorite composer, Bradley Joseph, icing on the cake.  There is a Yahoo Group for him you might enjoy checking out some time.

You will go far in life with your talent and creativity, thanks so much for sharing.