Monday, May 22, 2006

A different sort of Mother's Day



I realize that this entry is less then timely, but I had not intended to write about a day where I felt no right to intrude.  Instead, I offered silent thoughts and prayers and thanks to the spirits of my mother and grandmother and sent private wishes to friends.


But this past week, my path has been crossed by the celebration of new life too many times to ignore - and there must have been a reason that my camera was nearby in each instance.


It began early in the week.  It had been raining for what seemed an eternity and my mood and my outlook matched the cool and unrelenting grey of the sky.  Everything I touched seemed to crumble in my hands and I was feeling incapable of accomplishing anything positive.  And then I looked up and glanced out the window.  Not ten feet away – on the fringe of the treeline that separates my small slice of heaven from civilization -was a new mother deer, resting upon the cool grass and watching over her two baby fawns.  They could not have been two days old – perhaps born on Mother’s Day itself - tiny and wobbly on the spindliest of legs, portions of their fur a bit matted, perhaps still from birth. 


In quiet awe, I watched from the window as she tended to them endlessly, fretting over tiny details and always casting a watchful eye when one tried to stumble about, tentatively exploring this strange and wonderful new world.  Be it love or instinct or a combination of the two, she was as doting a young mother as any being released from the hospital that day with her own bundle of new life cradled safely in her arms.






Next came the opportunity to watch the preparation for life, as a quiet and patient – but ever watchful – mother robin sat proudly upon her nest, awaiting the new adventure soon to begin.  I sat quietly, carefully observing as she positioned and repositioned herself just so in order to warm and protect what will soon be her young.  Each quick movement or unusual sound caught her attention, and it was evident that she wished to fly from her perch to safety in the nearby woods on many occasions.  But the instinct was strong and she stayed her ground in each case, knowing that young lives depended upon her warmth in order for them to enter this world.






Finally, as the week drew near its close came the final indelible image – and the decision to add this entry.  I was near the mouth of a major river channel, where powerful pleasure craft jockeyed for position with 1000 foot long ore carriers to be the first to reach open water - tall buildings and massive lift bridges framing the scene.  Yet over the drone of the massive ship’s engines and even over the soul-rattling sound of the ship’s air horn and the bridge’s warning bells could be heard a much smaller but insistent sound that forced one to turn and observe.  Over the crest and then down a small grassy hill near the edge of the water came a no-nonsense Canada Goose, herding three small goslings.  Noisily, she called and scolded and prodded her seemingly reluctant offspring to stay together and continue moving in the direction she had set – and obediently and a bit dazedly they complied.  Along the narrow walkway they proceeded – and all the people in her path wordlessly parted and cleared the way.  As the sidewalk faded to gravel and then to rocks leading down to the water, she led her babies in – and a small crowd gathered silently to watch this tiny family make its way to its next destination, mom leading fearlessly - her head held high.






In all the world,there is no love quite so pure as a mother’s love.  Albeit belatedly:  to all who have blessed this world with children - tended them, taught them, nurtured them and loved them, thank you - and God bless you.


nhd106 said...

What a beautiful, and ADORABLE entry!   Thanks.  By the way, I did a similar "theme" in my mother's day entry...


inafrnz247 said...

So once again, dear friend, you have managed to capture the spirit of life in a way only few are able.  Your soft, gentle manner and appreciation of life and it's beauty surrounding you are reasons enough for these miracle moments to find their way into your unexpecting days...  I know how much you celebrate these miracles, while so many others might simply shrug, and be on their way.  Lost is the moment on them...
THANK YOU for sharing these moments, and God bless YOU.

mutualaide said...

A completely beautiful entry and I am so glad you were able to capture new life on film!  Thanks for sharing the pictures and for your thoughtful post.

xomywayox said...

Wow, I couldn't have wrote that any better. Very good entry. Pss I found your journal via Lori a.k.a My78Novata.


sugarsweet056 said...

Enjoyed your entry & pics. :)
My first time here, came via Lori (my78novata) she put your link in her entry today.
Have a good day & visit me sometime!

hunybea4him said...

awww your pictuers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.  I will have to come back and check out your other entries as well.

LOVE the name of your Journal.. I'm a big Neil Diamond fan : )

Much Love,

marainey1 said...

What a wonderful entry.  I'm a mom and a grandma and I thank you for your beautiful descriptions of mother love.  I too have robin nested on the front porch peak.  She comes every spring.  I found your journal by way of Lori's Laurels journal .  I'll be back.  'On Ya' - ma

kaydeejay5449 said...

You are so blessed to be able to see these wonders so close to home.  Thanks for sharing them with us poor city folks who rarely have that opportunity!

bedazzzled1 said...

A gentler, more kind soul than yours cannot be found. And its beauty is reflected in every word you write and every photograph you take.

Nikki Ü

rickardfoghorn said...

you are so lucky to be able to take these photos, im just a beginner so if you have time check mine out the more comments the better GOO R BAD Helen...

mariebm56 said...

Going through your journal & have found my favorite photos so far...Ü  These are ALL stunning shots,  I am working my way backwards...Ü , quickly skimming through your entries, reading some, view pics.... but I see I still have a whole year ahead of me to pick more favorites...Ü
Will be  back later, must get lunch & go back to work~