Monday, May 1, 2006

Something I've Made


The next few entries in this Journal will be a bit different from most you’ve seen before.  As always, they will be my words and photos, but the idea for the entries has originated from an outside source.  My friend Nikki - Bedazzled - has ‘tagged’ me and several others to play a game that combines photos with the stories behind them – all of which are to be posted in that person’s Journal for all to see, ridicule and comment upon (okay, part of that was editorializing on my part to prepare you for what you will ultimately see and read here).


The assignment appeared simple at the outset – until it came time to select the actual subjects, of course.  Here are the photos / stories I’ve been asked to provide:


Something I’ve made

Something I’ve received as a gift

Something strange

Something with a pig on/in it (of all things)

Something unique


Now there’s a reason why the word ‘Rambling’ appears in the title of this Journal – because I am a man of many words (although master of few).  And in order for me to tell the stories behind these pictures, it will take more space than a single entry – or the patience of any reader – would safely permit.  So I will begin this quest with ‘Something I’ve Made’ and attempt to follow with additional postings each day or so until the job is complete -  or until too many of you cry ‘uncle’……





When gifts and talents were handed out on the day I was born, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a few. What I was not blessed with, however, was the ability to draw or craft or otherwise use my hands to create things of beauty or meaning.   When I ‘make’ something, it is for a purpose – something to complete a utilitarian task and usually something specialized (or crazy) enough that it couldn’t be purchased outright.  Many of my ‘creations’, therefore, are Goldbergian in nature, not meant to impress but simply to meet a real or perceived need.


I freely admit that the above does not look like much – and indeed it was one of my less-fanciful projects - but its purpose was rather unique and offers a bit of insight into what makes me tick, so I have chosen it to fulfill this portion of the ‘assignment’.


My home is ranch style, with a full basement that is unfinished.  Upon move-in, when it came time to settle on a location for the all-important cat box, the most logical location appeared to be under the stairs – a small, enclosed space that was both accessible and out-of-the way at the same time.  Pippin – thankfully - appeared to approve and the location became his.


Now I know that the quality of cats’ eyesight, especially in low light, is legendary - but I still felt bad that the poor little guy would have to make his way down the stairs and use the box in near total darkness after sundown and I just felt he deserved better than that.  So off to the home improvement store I went, with a vague idea of what I wanted but no plan further than that.


I came home with the contraption you see pictured here – designed to illuminate driveways or backyards whenever a car drove in or someone walked through, by sensing motion and turning on the light for a prescribed time period before re-setting.  I found a nearby electrical line and tapped-in, mounting the unit such that anyone passing nearby would activate the sensor and provide about five minutes of light to this small area.  I programmed the sensitivity at its lowest setting in hopes that even a stealthy grey feline would activate it and then waited to see if this crazy idea would work.  Soon thereafter, Pippin appeared, entered the enclosed space and viola! the light came on.   In typical feline indifference, he never displayed any reaction to this small addition – and in my heart I know it was probably never necessary at all - but he was a special part of my life and I hope that somehow he knew that itmeant I cared.


If you’ve read elsewhere in this Journal, you know that Pippin passed away of natural causes last summer – and that hardly a day goes by when there isn’t something that reminds me of him and brings a smile.  This past January, the light bulb in this fixture finally burnt-out.  Even though it serves no purpose now (if it ever did), I replaced it – in simple reminder of a friend no longer physically present, but always alive in my heart.



mutualaide said...

Felines being of the highest inteligence -- of course Pippen knew it meant you cared.  And a very cool idea, one which I shall pass on to my hubby, for use under our basement stairs, right where the litte box sits!  

bedazzzled1 said...

Awww, Rob. You not only used your hands to make something, you also used your heart. I think you are so sweet...but then you already knew that, didn't you?

And I love the spin you have put on this game of photo game. Rules? What are they? ::smile::


inafrnz247 said...

SOOO sweet!  What a loving kitty owner you were to think of him pitter-pattering  downstairs in the dark.  My kitties' boxes are down stairs as well, and I'VE never thought of doing something so unique!!  This is an interesting assignment.  I look forward to your future entries.  Michelle

my78novata said...

all your pics in your journal say immage lost opps.
It so sad when we loose  apet they are our comfort and show the best picture of unconditional love we can ever think of seeing.

my78novata said...

awwww now that is cute a light for your cat box.