Friday, June 20, 2008

Thoughts from the Car


I don't take the time to write here often enough and when I do it seems that there are too many common themes.  So if you've heard a version of this before, please forgive me and don't further waste your time.
One of the things I used to treasure was 'alone' time in my car.  It was my refuge from life and a chance to be alone with my thoughts.  But in these days of wireless phones and bluetooth headsets and email alerts and text messages, the car has mostly just become an extension of the rest of life.  Most times that's a good thing - because it allows me to continue to accomplish things and stay in touch.  But sometimes its nice to have a break - and last night was one of those times.  

I had my car in for service the other day, and took the phone charger out to put into the other car.  I failed to put it back and found that I had a depleted battery and no charger - so suddenly it was like the 'good old days' - me and my thoughts and nothing else.  I put on the radio but there wasn't a whole lot to keep me company, so on a whim I pressed 'play' on the CD to see what disc I had in the player.

Initially I was shocked to find that I still had a Christmas disc loaded - and at first I started to scramble for something else to listen to. But after a few moments I simply let it play - and the longer it did, the wider my smile became.

So here, just a day or two before the official start of summer, I turned up the music and lost myself in the spirit of a season and a state of mind that too often we reserve for only a limited part of the year.  And by the time I reached my destination, my load seemed lighter and my outlook brighter than it had when I got in the car.

I think I'll keep that disc loaded and ready.  I don't know when the next chance will be for me to lose myself in the spirit of Christmas and a general feeling of warmth and peace again, but for now my heart rests a little more easy - and the magic of that season lives within me - even without a blanket of snow and a 'silent' night.  

I hope that the peace and calm and warmth of the Holidays visit you at unexpected times and in unexpected ways - and that your heart smiles as a result.


mariebm56 said...

That was beauitful.....& yes, you made me smile!
It's nice to see you writing~

emabecmar said...

and theres no better music to make one relax and put them in a good spirit. have a wonderful weekend. (((((hugs))))))

cmishvicki said...

...I know exactly what you mean. People do not understand why I keep Enya cds loaded in my cd player in the car...but listening to that soothing music keeps me calm in this...the most densely populated state in the keeps road rage at bay. :)

nhd106 said...

Lovely entry...and yes, I really get it too.   I think about stuff like why not have corned beef and cabbage on other days besides St. Patty's day?
Anyway, nice to see you writing again!


mutualaide said...

Ah, you remind us so well to cherish those moments.  I would love to listen to a Christmas CD Surprise!  What an unexpected and pleasant treat.

I, for one, have no problem turning off the offending buzzer, ringer or bell.  They wear me out.  :)

inafrnz247 said...

Precious are the moments that slip into the hectic pace of life ~ warming our hearts and soothing our souls.  I'm glad you found such a moment, and hope that many more will follow.

Thank you, for reminding us that moments like these can be found with the simple touch of a finger.  


jlocorriere05 said...

Christmas music can be very soothing and remind us that we should always show goodwill to others. I'm glad you got some 'me' time to take you away from all lifes stresses. Enjoy the weekend! Jeannette.  

midwestvintage said...

 I love those unexpected perfect moments when you feel quiet and at peace with the world.


rbrown6172 said...

a lovely entry and reminder to all of us to slow down and enjoy quiet moments and take time to get away from it all.  i agree with you...most of the time it's ok to be reached 24/7 but sometimes it would be nice to go back to the way it was...but wait...if i just got rid of my cell phone...or at the least turned it off

marainey1 said...

I enjoyed your entry alot.  I'm working on the peaceful calm days this summer and have found how much nicer the world can look.  'On Ya' - ma

helmswondermom said...

This was a very good entry.  When I worked outside the home I had a 30 minute commute to and from work, and, like you, I really enjoyed that "me" time.  lol  I guess that's kind of pitiful to consider it "me" time, but it was nice to have that time to either get myself geared up for the work day ahead or to start to wind down and make that transition from working woman to wife and mother.  Thanks for the smile!

gdireneoe said...

Hello my friend (((Robbo))).  Send me a quick note to let me know if you've migrated, Sir. ;)  C.